Healthy heart diets for diabetes

Since diabetics are at greater risks of heart disease and other related cardiac complications, healthy eating based on carbohydrates like bread, cereals and atleast five portions of various fruit and vegetables a day is recommended for them. Though diabetes is not a form of heart disease, it is a disease that contributes towards this and also increases the risks of developing disease affecting the kidney, blindness etc. Diabetes is also a major cause for the deaths due to heart diseases.

Diet whether used alone or in combination with medication prescribed is crucial to the treatment of diabetes. The diet plan for an individual varies according to height, weight, age, sex, physical activity and nature of diabetes. Having been diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t mean eating special or bland foods or following a diet plan which is not in conformity with taste, life style etc. A diabetic diet simply means that you eat a variety of foods, in moderate amounts and at regular times

Diet is an important factor in the control of diabetes. Persons with poor diets are at much higher risk for obesity and therefore diabetes. This is related to the diseases of the heart. Cholesterol levels and even high blood pressure are also affected by dietary preferences. Therefore, maintaining a heart friendly healthy diet is one of the prerequisites to reduce chances of suffering from heart ailments.

A good meal plan guides on how much and what kinds of food that can be chosen at meals and snack times. A good meal plan should be tuned with one’s lifestyle, schedules dietary preferences and habits. A right meal plan helps in improving blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol, as also help in weight management. Meal plans help in cases where you need to lose weight or maintain it. Healthy food choices improves overall health and helps in prevention of heart disease, hypertension etc. There is no perfect diabetic diet. Including a variety of foods rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, choosing from each food group, and watching portion sizes, is the mainstay of a healthy diabetes and heart diet. Extra care must be taken by diabetics to ensure that the food is well balanced with insulin and oral medications, and exercise to help manage their blood glucose levels. Regardless of the selected eating plan, it is recommended that the diabetics reduce their fat and sodium intake. Consuming the right types of fat is important to ensure a healthy heart.

In the earlier years, a healthy diet for the heart meant tasteless, bland meals. However, modern dietary choices help to lower the risk of heart disease by creating delicious meals which include ingredients like olive oil, whole grains and a variety of fruit and vegetables.

Losing weight if overweight is the basic change that has to done to have a healthy heart. Most foods rich in fibers are low in fat, thus become great choices for a healthy heart. Eating a high fiber diet predominantly containing wholegrain foods such as whole wheat bread, brown rice and wholegrain breakfast cereals helps to prevent heart diseases. The soluble type of fiber found in fruits, vegetables, oats, barley and pulses are a good choice.

The patient must select foods that are high in nutrition and low in calories.