What Are Diabetes Meal?

What are the common causes of diabetes?

Studies after studies shows that this disease is tied strongly to both fat in the diet and fat in the body. Contrary to the popular believe, sugar is not the only culprit that contribute to the disease.

A leading medical school in the United States made a study on a group of healthy young men. They were fed with a 65% fat rich diet. They became diabetics in less than 2 weeks.

Another group similar to that was given a 10% fat diet and one pound of sugar daily. After 11 weeks, the study concluded that not a single man were diabetic.

By no means this is the only study conducted. There were many study that were done before and produced similar results.

What is the best way to treat diabetes?

The straight answer is this disease can be treated by following a very simple diet, very low in fat and high in fiber. Don't forget diet alone is insufficient, daily exercises should be in your schedule too.

It is very important to reduce the amount of fat, oil and grease in the diet. A person with type II diabetic who decrease fat to about 10% of total calories in daily meal could reduce blood sugar to a normal level within 8 weeks. Many of them eventually could get off diabetic medication totally.

Natural cure for diabetes is in the food. This shows that diabetes could be treated with proper diet of nutritious meals.

How to keep blood sugar level naturally steady?

Natural food and food that are rich in fiber could help to reduce the fluctuations of blood sugar level. When foods without fiber components are eaten, blood sugar level quickly shoot up and that’s why insulin is used to counteract the reaction.

Refined foods, drinks and snacks high in calories but low in fiber also contribute to high blood sugar level. On the other hand high fiber foods smooth out blood sugar fluctuations and stabilize energy levels.

Active physical exercise acts as an insulin like reaction. It burns up fatty acids and extra blood sugar at a rapid rate.

It is very crucial for every diabetic not to be overweight.
The most common non genetic factor in diabetes is obesity.

Of course low fat diet, high fiber foods and exercises are great components of natural cure for diabetes.