Understand and keep blood glucose levels normal for better control

Glucose, a type of sugar forms the major source of energy in the body of mammals. The pancreas produce a hormone called as insulin that regulates and manages it; it is released into the bloodstream when glucose levels rise. The concentration of glucose in blood has to be within a certain range for it to be beneficial for the body. This range or level that is a safe level for the body is the blood glucose levels normal. The glucose levels may change depending on when you eat and what exercise you do.

Blood glucose levels normal

Blood glucose levels are calculated as millimoles per liter of blood. The blood glucose levels after maybe around 8 hours of fasting are less than 6.1mmol/L. The normal range throughout the day for glucose levels should be less than 11.1mmol/L even if it is within 2 hours after a meal. It should come back to 7.8 within 3 hours of eating. Normally the blood glucose levels are lower in the morning and rise only after your first meal. The levels are temporarily high in the two hours after meal.

Normal blood glucose levels among diabetes

The glucose levels among diabetics that are considered good control diabetes may be a little lesser than for the non diabetics. Fasting glucose less than 7mmol/L is usually considered good control. The recommend levels 2 hours after eating have to be less than 9mmol/L. These values are based on safe glucose levels among diabetics and they are associated with complications of diabetes like eye and kidney disease. The aim should be to achieve lower glucose values so as to reduce the risk of heart disease. It may ideally be less than 5mmol/L before meals and less than 6mmol/L after meals. However, this may not be entirely possible with the present medication and the possibility of hypoglycemia.

To find the glucose levels the doctors may advice you to take certain tests. Depending upon when the test is being conducted the range for normal glucose may vary. For fasting blood sugar test the normal range is 3.9mmol/L to 5.6. If a random blood sugar test is taken irrespective of meal timings a normal blood sugar level should not be higher than 11.1mmol/L. The range should not be more than 11.1mmol/L if an oral glucose tolerance test is taken. This test measures the response of body to sugar. The glycated hemoglobin – A1C test measures average blood sugar over the past few weeks or months. It is useful to understand if you are able to control your diabetes. The range may vary among laboratories. For non diabetics it should be about 4 to 6 percent and for diabetics it is preferred at levels lower than 7 percent. Among the pregnant women it should be lower than 6 percent.

You can keep blood glucose levels normal with proper diet, medication and exercises. If levels are outside the normal range then you are at a risk of hyperglycemia (high blood glucose), hypoglycemia (low blood glucose), diabetes and other complications like kidney damage, nerve damage, vision problem etc. Consult your doctor about the normal levels of blood glucose so that you can always stay in control and lead a healthier life.

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