Treatment of type two diabetes

Treatment of type two diabetes is not at all overpowering as most would like to believe. You can in fact lead a happy and normal life with a little support and suggestion from family members. The treatment for diabetes type 2 is an amalgamation of medical aid and self monitoring mechanism. Medications may include oral tablets, insulin or both. The most important factor in the treatment is awareness of sugar levels and eating habits. Your doctor or health care provider will be able to guide you how you have to go about your treatment.

Blood sugar level is affected by things like exercise and your activity level. Exercises enable the cells in our body to better utilize sugar as fuel thus lowering our blood sugar level. Certain hormones released during pregnancy or menstrual cycle also cause fluctuations in blood glucose levels. The food we eat also affects our blood sugar level. Generally after eating a meal our blood sugar level rises and remains high for two hours. Stress also causes a blood sugar imbalance so does other illnesses.

The above mentioned reasons are some of the common ones why blood sugar level goes up. Healthy and active lifestyle is of paramount importance. All kinds of problems begin to show up when people start to live a sedentary life and diabetes is one of them. When we exercise our cells are forced to utilize the sugar in the blood as fuel. This results in lowering of blood glucose and we also lose weight in the bargain. Many diabetics have reported a complete turnaround in their health once they take up exercise programs and follow it religiously.

Apart from diet and exercise there are many medicines that are used in the treatment of diabetes. It is best to consult the doctors, who can advice a drug regime based on your glucose control. There are drugs that stimulate insulin secretion while some drugs slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose. Insulin is also administered to control the sugar level. However, insulin has to be taken in injection form, as oral insulin is still not available. There are several insulin delivery mechanisms like syringe, insulin pumps, insulin pens, insulin inhalers, etc.

Diabetes is not the end of life and you can lead a happy and normal life in spite of having it. Diet, exercise, regular monitoring of blood sugar, medicines, and insulin as advised by your physician will enable you to live a good and healthy life.