The Real Deal on Diabetic Food

A diabetic menu that comprises of foods low in saturated fat plus a controlled blood sugar level and exercise is a recommended regimen for diabetics.

What foodstuffs are considered to be a diabetic food? If you see the thousand of ads in magazines, newspapers and in the television, you will definitely see sugar free colas, sugar free ice creams, sugar free cookies and whole lot more sugar free foods. If you go online you can also see thousands of companies catering to diabetic individuals, and majority of them are distributors of sugar free products. They claim that their product is a diabetic food or so.

The Truth

Thousands of people believe that because a food is not made with real sugar, it is considered as a diabetic food. Nevertheless, what is wrong with sugar? The answer is simple; people with diabetes cannot utilize the sugar or glucose coming from their food intake because they have little or no insulin at all in the body. 
However this belief that a sugar free food is also a diabetic food is really twisted. As a matter fact, in May of year 1994, American Diabetes Association stopped advising diabetic people to avoid sugar. Instead, they recommend focusing your attention on the amount of carbohydrates in your diet. Everything was a mistake regarding sugar intake.

The main predicament with foods called as diabetic food is that because they sugar free you can eat them as often as u want and as much as you can. The truth is these so called sugar free foods have loads of calories and fats in them that are not good for a diabetic person.
Starch vs. Real Sugar

For how many years, people believed that simple sugars are to be avoided and replaced with starches. This belief is based on the assumption that simple sugars are digested faster that starches and with this; it easily shoots up the level of blood glucose. However, there is little evidence that supports this postulation.

What is more important than labeling or knowing if a food is a diabetic food or not is having discipline. Knowing the right amount of food to eat and at the right time is more important that getting sugar free product. If you know that this certain food is restricted by your doctor, then listen and follow. Don’t make excuses that just because it is sugar free or sugarless you can indulge in whatever your heart or your taste buds’ desire. Rest assured that as long as you discipline yourself you will not have any problems associated with your diabetes.

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