Take Notice Of Early Symptoms Of Diabetes To Manage And Control It

Many a time people are so unaware of the fact that they are likely to have diabetes as the telltale signs are extremely fine. Most of them don’t want to believe or accept it so they just close their eyes to these obvious facts. I encourage you at this time to be open minded and positive as the diabetic symptoms are highlighted here below. Don’t allow fear to rule you or prevail over you even for a moment.

Diabetes is a phenomena where there is no secretion of insulin from the pancreas takes place so that glucose can not be converted into energy. Its consequence is high blood sugar count which further affect the eyes, nerves, kidneys and heart in a major way. So, if it is noticed in its early stages it can be prevented from causing any further problems.

as the blood sugar content is increased to higher level frequent urination is inevitable. As insulin is effect less the kidneys are unable to filter glucose back to the blood. In order to dilute the glucose they drag out extra water from the blood .This keeps the bladder full so there is repeated urination.This results in dehydration and patient wants to drink water continuously. Excessive hunger and thirst after normal food and drink has has been observed in most of the patient. In woman vaginal and yeast infections is so common as yeast feeds on sugar. Wounds that do not heal in a hurry are also an indication. An individual may experience numbness, burning, tingling in the extremities like hands and feet over a period of time. This condition is named as neuropathy.

Then there is a notable weight loss occurs, in some cases there has been weight gain noticed. Due to lack of strength one is not able to do the normal things he or she used to do before easily. This happens because of the unbalanced glucose levels. As there is no insulin in the body to help glucose to get into the cells glucose it lying uselessly in the bloodstream and as a result cells become starved for energy and weakness sets in. The eyesight becomes dim which results in blurry vision. Gum disease is the gums pulling away from the teeth making them loosened. You may observe sores and pus in the gums as well. You may witness flu like symptoms.

Skin infections and wounds that take time to be cured is another sign of diabetes. Most of the time the skin is dried up and itchy. The early symptoms of diabetesare very much the same in children as well. One should be vigilant and watchful to any of the warning symptoms and act correspondingly. Age, central obesity, heredity, and lack of physical activity are key determinant of diabetes.

However, one should be optimistic. If any of these symptoms rear their ugly head then the best thing to do would be is to get an appointment with a certified doctor and comply with the tests and recommendations. It is possible to defeat diabetes so don’t loose patience.

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