Symptoms of type 2 diabetes

One often comes across the word diabetes, dreadful to the ear. A sense of fear creeps over a person at the mention of its very name. It truly is a silent killer and can cut a person’s life span in half if neglected. This disease is commonplace and not just restricted to a chosen few. Once diagnosed it completely alters a person’s life. It in all reality is a lifestyle based disease. But be of good cheer it can be controlled with your cooperation.

By the time the disease is detected it has already caused considerable damage. The pancreas messes up by not producing the sufficient amount of a hormone called insulin. In some cases it produces none at all. Sad but its true this defect has a crippling effect on the human body. Insulin is needed desperately by the human body for the conversion of glucose into energy. Energy as we all know is the very essence of all our movements and without energy life has no meaning really.

I am not out to discourage you, I am only trying to help you see the potential danger of the disease. I am not saying that you are diabetic but maybe you know some one who is or may be displaying the symptoms. A little knowledge goes a long way. The symptoms creep up slowly on a person, negligence will lead to severe, irreparable heart damage and strokes, kidney failure, blindness and nerve damage. Make the doctor your best friend so that you are always one step ahead.

The body cells are starved for energy and the glucose heaps up in the blood with no clue as to what it is doing in the blood stream. Symptoms of Type 2 diabetes include frequent urination, dry mouth, increased thirst, fatigue (tired, weak feeling), blurred vision, unexplained weight loss, head aches and loss of consciousness (this is rare). The symptoms build up gradually, many times folks don’t know they Type 2 diabetes. That’s not all, here’s a few more symptoms slow healing wounds and bruises, sudden weight gain, itchy skin (vaginal and groin area), recurring yeast infections, numbness or tingling in the hands and feet, dark, velvety patches on the skin and impotency. Bladder and vaginal infections can be nagging problem for women.

The right time to visit the doctor would be when you notice a few strange signals that your body emits when something is malfunctioning on the inside. Who knows your body better than you but God? Turn to Him first because He is your Maker, have faith in Him. Throw panic out of the window; tell fear to go take a long walk. Gather your wits about you and muster up all the courage you can get hold off. Like I mentioned before that it can be controlled if detected and attended to in time. Good, balanced diet, exercise and timely medication will work. But ensure that you be the same person you have always been you will only emerge stronger from an experience like this.

All the best! Life is beautiful and it is meant to be lived a hundred percent NO MATTER WHAT!!

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