Symptoms Of The Gestational Diabetes

If the blood glucose content first becomes too high when a woman is pregnant, then that is gestational diabetes symptoms for the disease. It commonly leaves after the baby is born. High blood glucose level can cause troubles for the pregnant woman and the baby. The baby may mature too large, which can cause trouble during delivery. The baby may also be born with low blood glucose. But with treatment, most of the women with gestational diabetes symptoms are able to check their blood glucose and give birth to growing babies.

Causes for Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

The duct gland makes endocrine called insulin. Insulin assists the body decently use and Stock the sugar from the food one eat. This keeps the blood glucose level in a safe level. When one is pregnant, the placenta makes endocrine that can build it harder for insulin to perform. This is called insulin resistance. A pregnant woman can get gestational diabetes symptoms when the duct gland cannot make adequate insulin to keep the blood glucose levels within a safe range.


Because gestational diabetes symptoms are not possible, one needs to be examined for the condition. This is normally done within the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy. One may be amazed if the test displays a high blood glucose level. High blood glucose creates difficulties for pregnant woman and the baby. Hence they must be examined for the gestational diabetes.

A pregnant woman who has gestational diabetes symptoms has been living with another type of diabetes without knowing it. If one has symptoms of adult diabetes from other type of diabetes, they may include raised thirst, raised urination, and raised hunger, dimmed vision. Pregnancy causes most of the women to urinate more frequently and to feel hungrier, so having these indications does not always signify that a woman has diabetes. Doctors should always be consulted if a pregnant woman has the diabetes symptoms so that she can be cured on time.

Gestational Diabetes symptoms – Diagnosis

If the doctor thinks one is more likely to get gestational diabetes, one may be tested earlier. Gestational diabetes is diagnosed with two blood tests. The blood sugar content is tested after 1 hour of a small sweet drink in the first examine. If the blood sugar is too high, one will need to do a longer, 3-hour sugar test. If the blood glucose is still above a certain content, one has gestational diabetes.