Symptoms of feline diabetes

Feline or cat diabetes is also pretty similar to what the dogs and humans are exposed to. The causes and the symptoms are alike as well; it is a dreaded disease and will not hesitate to kill if left unnoticed or unattended. No, the afflicted don’t just die overnight, detection is devious and when finally realization dawns damage is already done. All of a sudden a dear, precious cat of the family falls prey to the killer.

Not surprisingly, diabetes is common among cats too. The failure of the pancreas to produce a hormone called insulin sets downward trend in the body. What the cat intakes is broken down into organic compounds out of which one is glucose. The dear cells require glucose for energy primarily and also for growth and repair. The insulin acts like a vehicle to transport the glucose into the cells. Do you realize the importance and value of insulin and how necessary it is to the normal functioning of the body system?

The body begins to face starvation of energy as the glucose fails to enter the cells. You may feed your cat the best of food but still notice that the cat is losing weight. This is a warning signal. Neglect on your part will cause the cat to use its own body fat and protein for energy, leading to weight loss and further complications. The kidneys do their best to flush out the excess glucose from the blood thus producing high levels of urine. Frequent urination causes the cat to thirst excessively. The overload on the kidneys begins to tell as they are the first organs to get damaged.

Nerve damage is another major problem; the cat’s legs turn weak. This occurs because the nerve cells are exposed to the high levels of glucose in the blood. The high content of blood sugar has a devastating effect on the tiny blood vessels that nourish the eye which leads to vision problems or blindness. Other symptoms include increased or decreased appetite, vomiting and bad breath. Diabetes attacks any cats, doesn’t respect age, gender or breed. It strikes middle aged or older cats and cats that are obese. Male cats are its main target.

Sheer neglect will cause the cat to display other signs as well, sometimes if the cat is not eating enough food or if the insulin is too much then the blood sugar level falls drastically low. Weakness, lethargy, wobbly gait and listlessness are telltale signs as well. Some even go into a coma. All this can lead to death and pain. Be quick to visit a veterinarian and care well for your ailing cat. If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms give the cat something to eat immediately but do not force it down.
Keeping a pet is a major responsibility, one must realize that. Timely care should be given to the pet, train them so that they know what routine they are to follow. A sick cat would need all your love and affection just like a human being would it will make them feel better. If they are cared for with utmost love then they will live a long time.

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