Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes may not make its presence felt easily and it seems harmless. Like the saying goes, still waters run deep the same can said about such type of diabetes. The symptoms may be at work for years before it finally manifests. Type 2 diabetes is also known as adult onset diabetes but now it can be found in any age group. Often folks may experience something not right in their systems but put off visiting the doctor. Type 2 diabetes targets people who are overweight and physically inactive.

Early detection and treatment of Type 2 diabetes. can keep it controlled so that developing into serious complications can be prevented. On the other hand, if care is not taken, it will lead to nerve damage, kidney failure, heart disease or even blindness. Let’s go on to list as many signs or symptoms of this killer in the disguise of Type 2 diabetes. Before that let’s look at the categories at risk and that is people with a family history of the disease, people with pre existing heart conditions, folks having poor nutrition intake and those who are overweight or obese.

The opinion of a doctor should be taken when either of these symptoms come into the limelight, frequent urination (especially at night), fatigue and weakness (one does not have the same energy as before), unexplainable weight loss or gain, extreme hunger (more so after eating), blurry vision, irritability, wounds, sores or cuts that do not heal in a hurry, headaches, loss of consciousness (which is rare), dry mouth, itching of the skin (around vaginal or groin area), presence of dark, velvety patches in the neck, armpit and groin area (this condition is called acanthosis and indicates insulin resistance), impotency and tingling, numbness in the hands and feet.

Most of the women start facing bladder and vaginal infections on a frequent basis. This disease can be passed on genetically as well, especially if it runs in the family. Children are open targets as well to Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Children need to be especially taken care of if they fall into the below mentioned categories of risk factors: having age 10 or older, some member of the the family is a Type 2 diabetic, child is overweight or if the child is insulin resistant or has ovary syndrome. Type 2 diabetes may be controlled and tamed by careful involvement of an individual. Though is it is lifestyle related it is not impossible to make a few changes on the road to good health.

Gum disease is also a warning; mostly the gums become red and sore with rise in the blood sugar level, causing pus formation. The teeth become loose as the gums pull away. The gums tend to swell and become very painful. The level of the blood sugar is required to be checked on a regular basis as well as watched closely. Medications prescribed and food advised by the doctor need to be taken on time. A good healthy diet and a recommended set of exercise routine with your cheerful attitude are ingredients to a steady, stable healthy you.

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