normal fasting blood glucose is a reliable test to find the glucose levels.

The concentration of glucose in the blood can be high or low and affects the functioning of the body to a certain extent. The glucose levels are affected by what you eat, drink, exercise, physical activity, age, etc. Blood glucose level changes determine various health situations, like diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia etc. It is important to seek advice of your doctor about the normal glucose level that you should have. The doctor may suggest different types of blood glucose tests. The most widely prescribe and reliable test is the fasting glucose test that is taken after 8 hours of fasting. To know what is normal fasting blood glucose level lets understand how the test is done and why it is relevant.

Fasting blood glucose test

The fasting blood glucose test is also known as the fasting plasma glucose test (FPG). Before the test you have to fast for at least eight hours. You can only have water during this period. The test is usually done early morning as you have been without food through the night. Moreover, it has been seen that when the test is done in the morning the results have been more accurate than when done in the afternoon. It is an extremely easy and reliable easy test. The results of the test are not affected by age or exercise that you may undertake. It is also fast and requires a single sample of your blood for lab analysis.

This test is preferred as there are no traces of sugar intake before the test. The hormone glucagons is triggered when you fast for a long time. Glucagons are produced by the pancreas. They trigger the release of glucose by livers into the bloodstream. For non-diabetics that causes the body to respond by producing insulin that helps prevent high blood glucose levels. However, the failure of the body to produce enough insulin or inability to respond to insulin causes blood sugar level to remain high. These sugar levels get recorded during the test. Fasting blood glucose levels can give you correct indication of your health condition.

Normal fasting blood glucose level

The doctors compare the results to see if they are within the normal fasting blood glucose levels. The normal fasting level should be in the range of 70mg/dL to 99mg/dL. Readings in the range of 100mg/dL to 126mg/dL are indicators of pre-diabetes and show a higher risk of diabetes. Fasting glucose levels of 126mg/dL or more may be diagnosed as diabetes after confirmation from some more tests. Readings below normal levels i.e. below 70mg/dL imply hypoglycemia wherein immediate attention is required.
The normal fasting glucose levels may be slightly higher among the diabetics than those in non diabetics. Depending upon other health indicators, doctors may advice you on the safe fasting blood glucose levels.

If you find the fasting glucose levels not within the range doctors would study other symptoms to diagnose the exact nature of your ailment. Low glucose levels may cause confusion, giddiness, etc. It is an indication of hypoglycemia which needs immediate treatment. Similarly if you experience vision problems, problem of concentration, fatigue etc they may be due to hyperglycemia, diabetes etc. It becomes important to understand what is normal fasting blood glucose level and take efforts to stay in that range.

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