Much Needed Diabetic Supplies

So what if you have been diagnose with diabetes? That does not necessarily mean that you need to be stuck at home. With the current advancement and breakthrough in research and technology, anything is possible even though you are suffering from diabetes.

Vacation Trips and Tips

Airline Travel, Vacations, Cruises and Road trips are all possible. You just need to do some planning and work. You need to plan the things that you need especially your diabetic supplies in case an emergency occurs, this will allow a safe and fun vacation for you and your family or friends. However, before everything else you need to inform your doctor about your plans. He will give you a list of diabetic supplies that you need. Most probably, it will include these items:

Insulin doses – these are indispensable diabetic supplies. Whenever you travel never, forget to bring this because this is the only thing that can save your life when you blood sugar shoots up to the highest level. Ask your doctor for any changes in the dose and an extra prescription in case you run out of supply.
Diabetic food - you should carry snacks, juices and plenty of water. This will help you raise your blood sugar level during hypoglycemic episodes (low blood glucose level).
Medical alert bracelet – this is also an important since it will inform everybody during an emergency situation as to who to call and what to do.
Insulin Pump – if you are insulin dependent diabetic and you need to fly, insulin pumps are the most important diabetic supplies that you can use. Before you take them, do not forget to do some inspection. Definitely, it will set the alarm on metal detectors, if they want you to take it off, just remind them politely that you cannot do so because the needle is inserted under your skin.
Once you are cleared at the metal detector and all your supplies are screened, here are a handful of diabetic supplies that you can also carry on board:

Urine Ketone Test Strips
Glucagon emergency kit
Disposal container for used syringes and test strips
Insulin dispensing products such as vials, jet injectors, pens, infusers and any insulin preloaded syringes.
A vial of insulin
Cotton swabs
Testing Strips
Remember when traveling always double check what you have prepared, specially your diabetic supplies. This will save you from any problems during your travel.

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