Make Sure Your Doctor Does Not Overlook Your Diabetes Symptoms For An Existing Health Issue

symptoms of diabetes

A persons family history would potentially be one’s first symptom of diabetes knowing your family’s history is everyone first personal responsibility. When one or both of the parents have been diagnosed with the disease the children will need to be watched for any signs of the disease, if non show up before adulthood, at that time, they should start seeing there regular physical and begin regular testing. Genetics plays a big role in a person susceptibility to having diabetes and catching it early can make starting treatment as soon as possible.

The most common symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, extreme hunger and the feeling of constantly being thirsty. Sometimes people will blame the frequent urination on the constant drinking that goes with frequently thirst or dry mouth. The people who work doing labor jobs blame there increasing hunger and thirst on there work environment, the work hard and work up a sweat. Furthermore rapid weight loss and excessive fatigue can be either symptoms of diabetes or they could from having a laborers job, that takes a lot out of you.

If the symptoms of diabetes are left untreated when they should be recognized, this could start a lot of problems that will follow up with a lot of health issues. If you are having a hard time seeing and your eyes are getting worse, you could have diabetes and retina damage is one of the leading causes of blindness, untreated diabetes can cause retina damage. Unfortunately having diabetes isn’t the worst of it you could experience liver damage also kidney ‘= failure along with heart problems and the best thing you could do for yourself is take care of yourself eat right get your weight under control. Whenever there are issues with the vascular system that can cause poor circulation, there is always the risk of amputation of the feet or hands.

Reducing Risk Factors May Prevent Diabetes Triggers

There is little known about the actual cause of the disease and what triggers the loss of insulin production, but there are some risk factors known to be present in those with the ailment that are believed to help prevent it onset. While not everyone who has the symptoms of diabetes are overweight, it is known that weight is a contributing factor for those who develop Type 2, adult onset diabetes.

When you have been diagnosed diabetes you need to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight along with getting daily exercise, in addition, exercise proven to delay the onset of diabetes in a lot of people who are genetically predisposed. A person should continue to practice all the prevention methods as a means to help control diabetes even if you do test positive for the diabetes and the symptoms start showing up.

Every case of diabetes must be dealt with individually, there is no sign that age plays a role in the onset of this disease. close to 80 percent of the people that get diabetes of those over the age of 60 have many of the symptoms. you must take into consideration there willingness to participate in a treatment regimen is vital but the age along with activity levels and the level of dependence all must be taken into consideration.