Living with Diabetes

Everyone needs food for energy but this does not always happen especially when a person suffers with diabetes. All of us must have glucose to give us the energy to do our everyday activities. Diabetes stops this energy supply and forces it to remain in the blood creating further problems. It is essential that the glucose is absorbed into the body but this condition creates high levels to accumulate in the blood.

Diabetic Grocery List

This condition comes in two forms but only brief details are given here, The first type is called type one and primarily affects young people, usually called juvenile onset diabetes and is where the body completely stops the production of insulin,this can occur at any age but diabetics must take daily insulin injections in order to survive. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that enables the body to use glucose to produce energy as it gets sugar into the cells. Type 2 diabetes is not as bad, your body will produce insulin but the problem is in the production.

Diabetic Food Grocery List

Many of the foods we eat such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and fruit are converted into sugar and give us the energy we need to maintain life. Some serious conditions can result from excess levels of glucose in the blood including blindness, heart and kidney disease and even the removal of limbs. By sticking to a diabetes health care regime, most of these conditions can be helped,then many of the conditions associated with this condition can be slowed down considerably if not stopped altogether. It is possible to live a relatively normal life provided you stick to the plan laid out by your doctor,but this means sticking to your medication, watching your blood sugar, cholesterol and to stop smoking!

Hypoglycemia Diet

You will really need to keep your weight at a healthy number. Once you have diabetes, you have it for life, there is an estimated two and a half percent of the population with diabetes. The frightening thing is that it is estimated that at least the same number of people has this condition but just don’t know it yet,each year there are over six hundred thousand new cases. It is believed that as many as 320,000 diabetics die each year in America while only 34,000 of those actually die directly from the condition itself.