Know What Are The First Signs Of Diabetes To Be Able To Start Timely Medication

Around the world diabetes is a serious health issue. A lot of people have not identified it yet. Diabetes is a very delusive disease. Without any hint of diabetes you may suffer from it. It results in different types of problems if neglected. There are a few signs or symptoms that make you to notice diabetes. You may be curious by now to know, what are the first signs of diabetes?

There are three types of diabetes, Type 1 or juvenile onset diabetes, Type 2 that affects anyone and gestational diabetes which is caused at the time of pregnancy. Though each type has its unique set of symptoms and signs there are a few signs that may indicate towards diabetes. Among the first signs is the urge to release urine frequently. The high blood sugar levels indicates towards diabetes. To balance the high blood sugar levels your body pulls body fluids. This leads to the bladder remain full every time and causes frequent urination to release the excess amounts from your system. High sugar content food like soda and desserts causes you to urinate every time.

Same as you may be more thirstier than you normally do. This happens as the rate of losing fluids increases. The cells are dehydrated as the water from the cells are drawn out and send thirst signals to the brain. You feel more thirsty than normal as the released fluids needs to be replaced. As the body is unable to use glucose as energy the body hints for heavy amount of food. You start feeling hungry regularly. Diabetics suffering from the Type 1 variety will also notice that in spite of consumption of sufficient food there is unexplained weight loss. This is because the body is not able to utilize the energy and to satisfy the energy needs starts breaking down the fat and tissues.

If you are feeling tired than usual it may be the result of energy not being transferred successfully where it is needed in the body. Daily operations and muscle movements of the body are done by the energy gained from sugar. You can feel wearied with diabetes or pre diabetes condition. Feeling of tiredness and fatigue is regular. A large number of people feel tired and sleepy at odd times of the day.

Unidentification of diabetes gives rise to physical and neurological problems. Diabetes can be identified by delayed healing of bruises and cuts. This is result of the affected immune system by diabetes. Similarly itchiness increases and dryness of skin appears. Blurred vision is also a indication of diabetes as it causes muscular deterioration. Enough quantity of glucose in the blood also causes a tingling sensation or numbness of the extremities. The neurological problems increases with the increase in diabetes.

When you notice any of these first signs of diabetes then you should immediately consult a doctor for conformation. There is a simple test to help detect diabetes. You can live healthy with controlled diabetes if you to treatment on time.

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