Know About The Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children

Children are suffered with diabetes as well as adults and older individuals. The pancreas loses the capacity to generate the appropriate proportion of insulin or there is no production. It is a necessary hormone required to transform the sugar, food and starches into energy. Energy is necessary for the body for everything that body do. Life threatening issues such as nerve damage, kidney failure, heart disease and severe or permanent damage to the eyes can be caused by this wrong functionality. During diabetes there is generally occurrence of skin infections and foot damage.

There is no different set of signs or symptoms in children fall in the same group, that’s Type 1 (juvenile diabetes) and Type 2 diabetes. Gestational diabetes is restricted to those women who are pregnant. Diabetes is also hereditary and passed in next generation. The symptoms are slight and not easily observed. Diabetes is caused by an issue with the human body’s immune system, where the cells in the pancreas that produce the insulin are destroyed by the immune system itself. Children are normally found to have the Type 1 kind of diabetes (as explained in the above three lines).

A child will urinate again and again because the levels of glucose in their bloodstream goes up. By this technique body gets free from the additional glucose in the urine. There is a regular loss of liquid due to regular urination the child exhibits excessive thirst. For maintaining the fluid level as required by body they intake a higher amount of water. Diabetic children have a bigger appetite but still lose weight and are not able to gain weight in the normal fashion.As their systems do not possess the capacity to make enough glucose for the creation of energy kids suffering from diabetes experience tiredness and weakness.

Some other signs shows that the child is suffered with diabetes when he or she may have breathing problems, stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, fruity smelling breath and may even lose consciousness. There can be sign of itchiness in your child and would complain for an indistinct vision. Tiredness due to regular urination and keen thirst and pain in legs these are the indication too. There could be irritation on the tip of their penis in boys and girls can have itching feeling in the vulva. Drowsiness is another telltale sigh among children with diabetes.

Parents should be attentive to their children’s lives and observant as well. Do not discharge your child’s grievance and anguish light heartedly. God has gifted you them and their happiness becomes your responsibility. Probably your child will not be able to express themselves fully well and can have some inflammation, lack of sensation or itchy hands or legs. You may observe wounds, bruises and cuts take much time to cure, do not brush that aside and it is important to pay more attention to the injury.

As a parent, if you observe any of the above mentioned symptoms in your dear children then, it is time to go for medical assistance. Give your child all the affection and support he or she needs as terror is not a set method. And I am sure all will be well with the child and his or her family!

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