Important Relation Between Diabetes And Low Carbohydrate Diet

When someone tells about blood sugar problems we understand that the person is telling about diabetes. Diabetes has high incidence in both the developed and the developing world becoming so common that everyone knows that diabetes is associated with the blood sugar levels. The Oxford dictionary tells that — In this disease sugar and starch are not properly absorbed by the body.Various surveys tells the fact that the number of diabetic patients is increasing by the day. Many governmental and non government agencies are spreading awareness among public and presenting programs to prevent and manage diabetes because of this.

This becomes the cause for incapability of body to absorb sugar and starch? Due to a disorder the body fails to convert food into energy the answer to this question is that. When our body is not capable of absorbing sugar, the excess sugar is released in the blood and the body tries to throw it out through our urine. This is one of the most common symptoms found amongst diabetic patients When a test is conducted by a doctor the reading tells about abnormal levels of sugar in our blood. On the other hand our body is unable to convert the sugar into energy as a result we feel hungry and thirsty frequently. This is second symptom of diabetes.

Normally, there are three types of diabetes — Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. During type 1 diabetes, our body produces very low amount of insulin or no insulin at all. In these cases one has to inject insulin several times a day. Type I diabetes is mostly associated with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. The production of insulin reduces or the cells in the body do not absorb the insulin produced by the body in type II diabetes. Gestational diabetes is common in women during pregnancy. If you don’t take care then all the three types of diabetes are dangerous. Various severe problems of the heart, kidney, liver, and other neurological conditions can cause due to diabetes. To avoid complications arising from diabetes it is necessary that you maintain sugar level in the blood.

Once you are diagnosed as a diabetic your primary concern should be your diet plan. The size of the list of what you can eat and cannot eat just increases. However, one need not to be tensed about this and get frightened as most diabetics are overwhelmed by this. Doctors agree without question all over the world that a proper diet is the key in Controlling diabetes.

Several diet plans are found helpful in the management of this condition hence recommended for the diabetics. Those diet plans are preferred which allow you to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your food. Why? if you want to maintain the blood sugar level in the body a low carbohydrate diet is essential because the simple reason is carbohydrates are easily converted to sugar. The blood sugar level increases or decreases in direct proportion to carbohydrate taken. This is the main cause for recommending the low carb diet plans. You will be ruined while making a choice as there are so many low carb diets available in the market. You can consult your dietitian or primary health care provider for choosing the one. The idea is to provide sufficient calories required by the body while maintaining the sugar levels in your blood from these diets.

Normally, we take foods three times in a day. Make your three meal into six times in a day according to diet plans. Some low carb diet plans allow you to eat foods containing carbohydrates, while restricting the amount of intake. They encourage for the eating of fruits, vegetables, eggs, seafood, etc. These foods contain low carbohydrates while white bread, polished rice and other sweets contain higher amount of simple carbohydrates.

It’s obvious from the above information that low carbohydrate diets help you to monitor the level of blood sugar. They play an important role in monitoring of diabetes and keeping it in check. These diets can help you in living a normal and happy life, in spite of being a diabetic.

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