importance of diets in the treatment of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the one of the most prevalent and dreaded diseases spread across the world. The disease has affected over 15 million Americans. In this state, the body either isn’t producing sufficient insulin or the cells being immune to effects of insulin ignore it. With the result, glucose instead of entering cells builds up in the blood, thus depriving the cells of energy. After a meal, the body breaks down the sugar and starches into glucose, which is the basic fuel for the cells in the body. Sugar is drawn by insulin from the blood into the cells. When glucose builds up in the blood instead of going into cells, it can cause complications by starving the cells for energy and damage the eyes, kidneys, or heart over a period of time.

Diet and exercise can help treatment of both of these problems. Many people affected with Type 2 diabetes cannot produce enough insulin to cope with the sudden and sharp rise in blood glucose that occurs after a meal. Obese people and overweight and inactive persons have greater tendency of insulin resistance than lean people who exercise regularly.

There are various aspects to the treatment of diabetes, each one with a very important role. Diet and exercise are two main aspects which help to combat both obesity and diabetes. A few uncomplicated alterations to the diet and exercise habits will make a difference. With increased insulin sensitivity through weight loss and an increase in activity level, lesser insulin would be required to keep blood glucose levels controlled. As obesity is the major cause for type 2 diabetes, a diet low on calorie, saturated fats is often required. Every modest weight loss assists lowering of blood sugar levels.

There are a large variety of diets available for treatment of type2 diabetes. Depending upon the stage of diabetes, a Type 2 diabetic could be prescribed either medication or insulin or both. These help the body process the sugars in the blood. However, insulin and medication should not be taken as a substitute to a healthy diet or to consume sugar and carbohydrates. It is crucial that Type 2 diabetics take medication or insulin regularly, as well as adhere to a healthy diabetic diet. This would mean knowing about foods that can be consumed, to be avoided and foods those can be eaten sparingly. Ideally a diabetic must consult a qualified dietician or nutritionist to plan the best diet. It is also important for diabetics to understand the principles of calorie counting and ways to keep blood sugar levels under control through a proper and healthy diet. Including fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the diabetic diet is recommended as these provide nutrition.

The quantity of food consumed is closely related to control of blood sugar. Increased intake of food over the required amount will result in an increased blood sugar level. Therefore careful measuring of portion sizes is required. Also, to avoid a sugar overload, varying consumption of carbohydrates throughout the day is desirable.

Best diet for type 2 diabetics should contain different varieties of nutritious food leading to a healthy life by controlling blood glucose levels when coupled with increased physical activity.

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