How To Follow Hypoglycemia Treatment Guide

Before we go and learn about hypoglycemia treatments available to you when you experience some hypoglycemia symptoms, you should always talk to your doctor.

Your physician knows you more than I do and can make more educated decicions in treating hypoglycemia.

When you start having hypoglycemia symptoms, so not be scared. Just know that any form of sugar can provide instant relief.

So you may try to drink glass of milk (milk contains about 11g of sugar) or eat fruit like apple, banana, watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots,plums, appricots and many more.

All fruits contains carbs that are good for you, no matter what certain weight loss diets say!

The best carbs for hypoglycemia treatment are the ones that have GI – Glycemic Index in low or medium numbers. Glycemic Index measures how fast certain carbs spikes your insulin level.

Carbs that are high in GI will help you to recover from hypoglycemia fast, but also this high spike last only for couple of moments and then you are gong to feel down again.

Whereas low or medium GI carbs will provide longer and steady supply of sugar into your bloodstream, which is what you want to achieve.

Check more Hypoglycemia Diet page for more information on how to select the great carbs, how to eat well and more. Learn how to stay away from junk food that are simple sugars almost all the time.

Other Hypoglycemia Treatment That Works

Since Hypoglycemia usualy evolves from diabetes, you can eat the diabetes sugar tablets that are sold in little containers in almost any store. You can simply put it in your pocket or bag and eat it anytime you feel your sugar level is dropping again.

It’s very convenient if you are on the go.

Also if you are out doing errands you can get Transitions Bar On The Go, which have great amount of fiber and contain low glycemic sugars.

Sometimes I buy also Laughing Cow BabyBell cheese, which is sold in little sack and you just peel the cover and ready to eat.

Also my favorite snack is almonds with dried appricots. I just forget the name of it, but you can find it in Delis, Supermarkets or Gas stations in the isle where they sell nuts.

Of course, you should always consult your doctor about your health challenges and listen his advice about your hypoglycemia treatment very carefully.