Going On A Gestational Diabetes Diet: Not The End Of The World

Dr. Andrew Weil, one of America’s most famous doctors, has an interesting theory about why people get any kind of diabetes.  He thinks its evolution trying to force us to eat better instead of eating ourselves to death through overeating and all of the health problems that come with obesity.  So, if you are counseled by your doctor or obstetrician to go on a gestational diabetes diet, you can look at it as a crash course in saving your life and the life of your baby.

Don’t Try To Loose Lots Of Weight

The goal of a gestational diabetes diet is NOT to get a bikini body.  It’s to maintain your blood sugar levels so you don’t slip into a coma and die.Worry about bikinis after your gestational diabetes delivery, which is soon after the baby is born.You don; also want to mistake a fad diet for a gestational diabetes diet.  You still need to eat about 2200 calories a day just to keep you going and your baby growing.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

You should already eliminate alcoholic beverages from your gestational diabetes diet.  You should also cut down on soda, water and black tea, and not just because they can add empty calories and make you dehydrated.You want to only have 300 milligrams of caffeine per day at the most.  Check the painkillers you are allowed to take when pregnant – some contain caffeine. 

Instead, drink plenty of good water, herbal tea, green tea (which has a tiny bit of caffeine in it) and fruit juice.  Your doctor or obstetrician might also suggest milk be drunk more often as part of your gestational diabetes diet.  Water, in particular, helps you feel fuller and helps give you energy.  It also doesn’t taste as bad if you have to throw up.

Low Fat, High Fiber

Does that sound familiar?  A gestational diabetes diet isn’t really that much different than many other diets.  You need 2200 calories, but you need them to be from more nutritious sources to help you and your baby.  You need to be looking at less meat and more whole grains.  You need to eat three small meals and tow or three snacks instead of three square meals a day.After months of being on a gestational diabetes diet, it will easier to stay on the diet to help you stay healthy for your baby.

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