Find if you are eligible for free blood glucose test strips and test regularly

Diabetes management involves regular monitoring of blood glucose levels. The test may be required even 2 to 3 times a day. A home monitoring kit becomes essential to enable testing as per the schedule advised by the doctor. There are several types of blood glucose meters available. Each comes with its own set of test strips. You may often find various schemes where companies offer free blood glucose test strips with the glucose meter based on some conditions. Often when you buy the test meter for the first time you may get these strips free.

Free blood glucose test strips

Blood glucose meters, test strips and lancet are the important part of the kit. Among these, the test strips are the recurring expense as the strips available are for one time use only. Every time you utilize your batch of test strips you have to bear the cost of new test strips. Now, that can be a pretty high recurring cost. The Medicare coverage may not include each and every component like test strips. However, there is some Medicare coverage that also covers regular diabetes supplies including the test strips. That can be a great relief. However, if they are not covered, the costs can be a great burden to your pocket.

Now how do you get these test strips free of cost? You may have seen meters provided free if you purchase certain number of test strips. The American diabetes services provide you with diabetic test strips free of cost if you satisfy certain criteria. Very often the criterion is that you should be an American citizen and have a valid phone number and that you should be buying it for a diabetic; either self or someone related. There are certain brands like Accu-chek, Ascensia, Roche, Optimum, etc that are mostly covered for diabetes testing supplies. Check with the company and your insurance company to see if you get free strips if you are qualified for supplemental insurance. The Liberty Medical Supply offers free test strips if you have supplemental insurance. They offer other supplies also at very low costs and have different schemes under which they may provide you with free meters and test strips. The scheme is particularly very good for seniors who use Liberty Medical supplies to meet their needs.

There is more than just promotion to getting free test strips. Many feel that by offering certain number of test strips free more people may follow their regular monitoring diligently. There was also a Federal government aid started to enable diabetics to get low cost or free diabetic medical supplies including free blood glucose test strips. Generally there are many schemes offered by the insurance companies for senior citizens wherein they provide free medical supplies based on some criteria. This can be a great relief for those in old age home or those who are retired and do not have much income to meet the huge diabetes care product’s expenses.

You should contact different companies and insurance providers to find whether they offer any such free blood glucose test strips under certain schemes. If they do, then fill out the form correctly with the personal information, mailing address, physician details and insurance details to find and get free supplies. Ensure that you regularly monitor your blood glucose levels now that the burden of test strips may be reduced to a great extent.

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