diets for a diabetic patients help everyone even non-diabetics.

Diabetic diets help everyone. If you are a diabetic patient then it is a mandatory part of your treatment. Diets help maintain blood sugar levels in normal range as well as it helps to maintain and achieve desirable body weight. The diet plan cannot be same for everybody because it depends on individual calorie requirements and calorie requirements varies with person’s age, height, weight, sex, exercise capacity and type of diabetes. Registered dietitians also consider blood pressure and cholesterol levels while planning a diabetic diet.

Diabetes diet means not eating less, it means eating controlled and healthy food. In diets for diabetic patient you have to reduce dairy products (as it contains high fats), meats and oils. On the other hand increase vegetables, grains and legumes. This diet becomes more effective when you follow regular timings for meals and limit your overall intake.

In daily diets include fresh green vegetables and fruits because fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers and fibers are good for diabetes. The vegetables which you can use in your diet are cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, kidney beans, cabbage, eggplant, onion, spinach, snack gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd etc. You can include fruits in your diet like apple, orange, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. But avoid fruits like grapes, mango, banana, jack fruit etc. Starchy vegetables like sweet potato, corn, potato are not good for diabetes.

In an ideal diet plan for diabetes, amount of food is very important. As the main goal of the diet is controlling glucose in the blood and you can only control it by controlling carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrate intake can be controlled by not only healthy food choices, but also by restricting the amount of food. Different amount contains different calories, for example one cup of raw vegetables and one cup of cooked vegetables contains different calories, and also fresh fruit and fruit juice do not contain the same amount of calories.

The diabetic diet should be balanced, by this it means it should contain all the nutrients that the body needs. For that include one serving of bread which contain whole grain roll or ½ cup pasta, one serving of protein that is fish or chicken or lean beef, one serving of dairy products like low fat milk, cheese, fat-free yogurt, skim milk or low-fat sour cream. Diabetes diet should also contain one serving of fruits (½ cup sliced) and one serving vegetables. Always avoid excess oil while cooking.

A proper healthy diet can be planned with the help of exchange food list which contains list of foods with appropriate amount and calorie counts. There are free foods in these lists. Free food contains fewer calories (less than 20 calories per serving) and you can eat these in any amount throughout the day unless a serving size is specified. Examples of free foods are diet soft drinks, soy sauce, spices and sugar-free gelatin.

Diabetes diet is more effective with medication and exercise. It is also helpful in solving other health problems like obesity, heart diseases, kidney disease etc. Diabetic diets help you to live healthy and secure life.

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