Diabetes type 2 naturist treatment

Naturist treatment for type 2 diabetes is for people who are looking for an alternate treatment approach. These are people who for various reasons do not like to take man made drugs and prefer natural treatment. They believe that sometimes doctors and health care professionals overmedicate and cause more harm than good. They also believe that modern medicines increase the toxicity of the body and thus want to avoid it. However one needs to know the basic understanding of diabetes before one decides to go in for such treatments. It has been observed that most patients of diabetes type 2 are obese or overweight, however not all patients of type 2 diabetes are fat. It is the bad fat which causes the problem. The correlation between obesity and diabetes is well established.

For example our cell walls are made of natural cholesterol and they allow nutrients to go in and waste matter to come out. However, manmade cholesterol does not allow that and nutrients find it difficult to get in and waste does not come out thus causing the problems. Manmade cholesterol is not as flexible as natural cholesterol. In a similar way naturists think that natural treatments are better than manmade treatments. Naturists feel that natural treatments should be advertised and promoted aggressively.

The best natural treatment for diabetes is to change diet. If the diet excludes man-made fats diabetes can be controlled to a great extent. However, experts recommend that staying away from oils totally is not advisable. Natural oils like olive oil or flaxseed oil are good alternatives. In the same way they also advise people to eat plant and animal fat. Cod liver oil is a good example of good fats. Hydrogenated oils and junk oils are examples of bad fats. It is advisable to read the food labels before one purchases any food items to avoid the consumption of bad fats. Other naturist treatments include omega 3 and omega 6. However, omega 3 should be consumed more than omega 6. The ideal ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 is 3:1. Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Fulvic acids and other bitter melons are also good natural treatments for diabetes.

Chromium is known to improve the efficiency of insulin. Chromium reduces the insulin levels and boosts the metabolism so that excess sugar in the blood is better utilized. However, some health care professionals feel that chromium is injurious to health. Cinnamon also reduces blood sugar levels and it has been noted that in people who had high blood sugar levels benefited with the consumption of cinnamon. In some cases the blood sugar levels came back to normal.

Another natural way to treat diabetes is exercise. Regular exercise increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin and our body is able to utilize the insulin efficiently. Exercise also boost the metabolism and thus we do not have to depend on expensive drugs to control blood sugar.