Diabetes mellitus signs symptoms

Diabetes mellitus is a silent and dreaded killer. It gives folks the shivers as it is unnoticeable and normally very silently does considerable damage before it is detected. Though it is a potential killer and life threatening, if detected in time then it can be controlled and manipulated to the advantage of the diabetic. As of now medical science has not been able to come up with a permanent cure and that’s what makes it dreaded.

The advent of diabetes is attributed to the malfunctioning of the pancreas. It is here that the hormone called insulin is produced. With a pancreas that produces little or no insulin at all there is a serious problem at hand. The beta cells responsible within the pancreas destroy them selves. Diabetes is also known as an autoimmune disease. The exact cause of this disease is not known but then it can be said that heredity, environmental causes and obesity play an important role in bringing about the disease.

Insulin is vital for the conversion of glucose into energy. The ineffectiveness of insulin causes the glucose to build up to dangerously high levels of accumulation in the blood stream. It becomes impossible for glucose to enter the cells where it gets converted into energy, which is essential for the body to perform the day to day activities. Then a series of complications arise such as heart disease, nerve damage, severe kidney damage and blindness which are normally irreversible. There are many other complications that may arise out of neglect.

The disease has been divided into three main categories namely Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes. The symptoms are normally subtle but when you notice the following symptoms then one should apply wisdom and go see the doctor. Frequent urination, excessive thirst, increased appetite, sudden weight loss or gain, fatigue, tiredness, blurry vision, tingling or numbness in the hands and feet, irritability, lethargy and slow healing wounds. Other symptoms maybe recurring bladder or vaginal infections, dark, velvety patches on the skin, red, swollen gums, or one may develop sores or pus in the gums.

Flu like symptoms should not be taken light heartedly. Tiredness is caused because the sugar is not reaching the cells. This is the main source of energy for the body. Vomiting and nausea are also indicators. Children that complain of abdominal pain should be attended to pronto. Breathing becomes rapid and has a fruity odor to it. There are times when one can go into a diabetic coma, suffer gangrene which leads to amputation, kidney failure and be victims of heart attacks and strokes.

A positive outlook and approach to the disease is a winning attitude. God forbid you are diagnosed with diabetes don’t sit down and cry and say that it is the end of the world. But rather be bold and courageous as you would in any other situation. Look at it straight in the eye and move on. A balanced, healthy diet, regular exercise and timely medication will help immensely. The ball is in your court and you know what I mean.

Smile! Never lose it no matter what!

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