Diabetes – An Introduction

Diabetes is normally called as ‘high sugar’ problem. In Diabetes, the level of blood glucose (sugar) increases 126mg% level or much. Much of what we consume is changed to glucose. To take this sugar one’s body requires insulin. When there is deficiency of insulin, this sugar can not be used by the body and diabetes happens. Diabetes symptoms occur because of collected high blood sugar and deficiency of sugar used by the body.

Diabetes:Importance, Prevention & Cure of the Disease

Diabetes can bring serious ramifications that can cause frailty and even death. It costs very high to the patient in addition. One in ten of us will get this disease, which means either one will need to take care of themselves, loved ones or friends and family who will have this disease. It is very important to know about this disease. The body makes insulin. This disease happens due to deficiency of insulin. Depending on the level of need for extra insulin by people, in some cases diabetescan be precluded and in some healed. That is in very small percent of patients only. Do not be befooled by false calls of cure for this disease.

Diabetes Complications & Preventions

Complications of this disease can be dangerous and also causes low blood sugar, high blood sugar, sepsis, kidney failure, ketosis, acidosis, heart attack and stroke. Other ramifications of this disease can be draining and include cecity, foot amputation, marred kidney function, erve problems and impotency. All the complications of this disease can be precluded if the correct direction is started early enough. Even if the correct direction starts late in many cases further important declension can be precluded.

Test to Manage Diabetes

Steady and oft (daily) blood glucose examining is the best way to bring off one’s diabetes. Urine shows glucose (sugar) when it is above 180mg% in the blood. 140 to 180 mg% level of glucose (sugar) in blood for a long time causes much damage. Also morning urine makes a mean of all night’s urine.

Important Number in Diabetes

Blood sugar examines gives blood content of sugar for that one bit when the blood was taken for examining. Another significant test gives a mean of blood sugar indicants over the early three months. That is known as A1C and is more significant than a single blood sugar indication as it is taken to relate with complications of the disease in a patient. Usual level is 6.5 in the absence of sequences of low blood sugars.