causes of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Excess of sugar in the bloodstream is known as hyperglycemia, this is also called as diabetes mellitus. The pancreas secretes insulin. When pancreas does not function properly it results in the increase of blood sugar level. Insulin is a hormone that controls the sugar level in the blood. Type 2 diabetic mellitus will occur when the sugar gets accumulated in the blood due to the absence or insufficient amount of insulin in the blood. The causes of type 2 diabetes mellitus are related to factors such as diet, lifestyle, age, environment and stress.

Diet is one of the most important factors responsible for type 2 diabetic mellitus. When you consume a diet comprising of carbohydrates it will directly increase the overall blood sugar level. You should monitor your blood sugar level regularly and ensure that it does not go up. This is one of the difficult aspects of the disease. If you consume the following foods they will worsen the condition of diabetes mellitus and hence they should be avoided. Foods containing sugar, all forms of honey, sweetened cold drinks, oily foods and alcoholic beverages directly affect the blood sugar level.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a lifestyle disease. It is more extensive in upper classes owing to their habit of eating unhealthy foods. Type 2 diabetes mellitus is also termed as a rich man’s disease, and it is more of an urban disease than a rural disease.
It has been observed that those people who lead an inactive life are more susceptible to
non-insulin dependent diabetes or diabetes mellitus type 2. Such people have un-exercised muscles and tissues. The action of insulin is affected by inactivity and its capacity to utilize glucose is reduced.

One of the very important causes of type 2 diabetes mellitus is stress. In severely affected persons the stress could cause breakdown of pancreas and the secretion of insulin. The most common stress-causing factors are surgery, infections, injury, pregnancy, mental tensions and worries of various kinds and external and environmental factors.

There are many instances where people get type 2 diabetic mellitus due to external factors rather than from within. People who take steroids and other drugs are more susceptible to type 2 diabetic mellitus due to disturbed hormonal balance on account of reduction in the amount of insulin. The pancreas can also be infected by some bacteria thus reducing its efficiency. Type 2 diabetic mellitus also has a strong hereditary connection. However, it can become acute in future generations due to other factors like hypertension, high blood pressure and obesity.

Type 2 diabetic mellitus can occur in any age. However, it occurs mostly in adulthood.
It can begin in your youth but as you reach middle age the effects on your health are seen and diagnosed.

These are some of the causes of type 2 diabetes mellitus; however, there are other causes also that are strongly responsible for it. Control and prevention of the disease is the easiest way to combat it.

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