Can There Be Problems With Low Cost Diabetes Medications?

Managing blood sugar levels requires a balanced and planned diet which must be accompanied by the right diabetes medication to contain the disease and not allow it to worsen. Taking regular exercise seriously is highly recommended together with losing weight and eating a moderate and well-balanced diet although there is no getting away from the fact that diabetes medication are most effective in controlling different the types of diabetes and they can be taken either orally or be injected.

Helps Bring Down Blood Sugar Levels

It is common for a diabetic to have very high blood sugar levels that persists over a period of time, and which warrants taking diabetes medication and performing other activities as well that will help keep the problem in check and prevent it from worsening. When insulin is not available in proper quantities, and when a person suffers type 1 diabetes, then the best course of action would be taking diabetes medication in the form of insulin that can be injected in order to bring down blood sugar levels. On the other hand, for those suffering from type 2 diabetes, the answer may lie in low cost diabetes medications taken in the form of pills which will increase blood glucose.

The pills themselves require different ingredients and there are five classes of such drugs which include sulfonylurea, thiazolidinediones, biguanides, melitinindes as well as alpha-glucosidase inhibitors that are all what goes into the pills that you take to treat diabetes. Each of these diabetes medications work differently and can reduce blood sugar while also enhancing the production of insulin as is required under different diabetic conditions.

However, as part of your diabetes care you should ensure that the drug you are taking is safe to use and it does not do your body any harm as there have been incidences in the past of drugs that have caused hepatitis and disease of the liver. Due to the known problems with these diabetes medications they were subsequently withdrawn from sale.

One such diabetes medication is the drug named Troglitazone whose main function was to reduce instances of type 2 diabetes and which was also thought to provide relief from complications arising from resistance to insulin and also from diseases of the ovaries. However, this particular diabetes medication was found to have been the cause of serious damage to the liver, and was till some few years back, available in the form of Rezulin and also Romozin. So, if you come across a diabetes medication such as this you will need to be very careful about using it if you do not want to affect your overall health level.

Thus, you need to act only on the advice of your doctor, who in most cases will be sure to have monitored your liver condition to ensure that no damage is being caused due to low cost diabetes medications when you shop for diabetic medical supplies.