Blood glucose testing helps to determine if you have been able to control glucose levels

Blood glucose testing forms an integral part of diabetes management. The results of the blood glucose test can help you to evaluate trends of glucose levels at regular intervals. If you undertake regular blood glucose tests, you can maintain a record of the same that would help you know if your trends are within the normal range and that you are successful with your plan. Blood glucose testing can be either done at the pathology lab or may also be undertaken at home using the home testing kits.

Blood glucose tests

* Fasting blood glucose test: The fasting blood glucose test is the most common, easy and highly reliable glucose test. The test samples are taken after fasting for at least 8 hours. Only water is allowed during the period. It is preferably done in the mornings, as it is easier to fast through the night. Moreover it has been seen that the results of tests done in the morning are more accurate than those done in afternoon. It is often the first test that is prescribed to find if you have pre-diabetes or diabetes.

* 2-hour postprandial glucose test: A postprandial test is done exactly 2 hours after you have had food.

* Random blood sugar (RBS): The random test as the name suggests is done at any time throughout the day regardless of when you last ate. Several random tests may be conducted at different timings. The test shows results which in no-diabetics would not vary to a large extent. Readings that fluctuate in a wide range may indicate a problem.

* Oral glucose tolerance test (OGT): This test measures the response of the body to glucose. Blood glucose measurements after 2 hours and 3 hours are usually done after you drink a sugary solution. The levels provide an indication to pre-diabetes and diabetes. OGT is often prescribed to diagnose gestational diabetes i.e. diabetes that occurs during pregnancy.

The labs tests are more reliable and accurate if done properly. You can take the results to the doctor who can interpret the indicators. However, diabetics who need to monitor the glucose levels number of times a day may not find these testing methods easy. The home blood glucose test meters would be easy and really helpful. There are several glucose meters that have been designed using latest technology. They are easy to use, reliable and the variety on offer allows you to choose one that suits your needs. You may seek the advice of your doctor who may prescribe you the one that may be best for you.

The greatest benefit of home glucose meters is the ease of use and immediate readings that are available after blood test. These can be used without an assistant or nurse as the method to take the blood samples is extremely easy and simple. The small size and easy handling allows you to test anytime, at home or office. These meters have a memory to store 500 test results. The stored data can be reviewed by scrolling or transferred to your PC. The printed reports can be taken to the doctor who can review it and advice accordingly.

Regular blood glucose testing is vital in a diabetes control plan. An understanding of the trends helps to determine if your plan is on the right track or needs changes.

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