Blood glucose test is vital to know the glucose levels at a given time.

As a part of your diabetes management program, blood glucose test is highly necessary. You should keep a watch on the trends and the levels of blood glucose at regular intervals. Regular testing helps you know the levels and make necessary changes to keep levels under control. There are two ways in which you can carry out blood sugar testing, you can get it done from the lab or undertake home blood glucose test. The blood glucose test measures the amount of glucose in your blood at the time when the sample has been taken.

Blood glucose tests done at the labs

* Fasting blood glucose test: This test helps measure blood glucose after fasting for at least 8 hours. This test is considered the most reliable test as it is generally done early in the morning when there is a lesser chance of sugar stains in your blood. It is mostly the first test that is done to find whether you have diabetes.
* 2-hour postprandial glucose test: The test is done to measure blood glucose exactly 2 hours after you eat a meal.
* Random blood sugar (RBS): The RBS is done regardless of when you last ate. Several random tests may be taken during the day. Normally among the non diabetics the blood glucose levels do not vary widely throughout the day. If the test results show fluctuation to a large extent it may indicate a problem. It is also called a casual blood glucose test.
* Oral glucose tolerance test (OGT): The OGT mainly helps diagnose prediabetes and diabetes. It involves a series of blood glucose measurements after you drink a sugary solution that contains glucose. The test helps find the response of your body to glucose which can be an indicator of pre-diabetes and diabetes. It is very commonly used to diagnose gestational diabetes i.e. diabetes that occurs during pregnancy.

These tests are undertaken by the labs and the results handed over to you. You may then take it to the doctor who can interpret the readings and advice you accordingly.

You can also check the blood glucose levels with the home blood glucose test kits. There are several manufacturers of home glucose meters who have come up with innovative meters that are easier to use and can give you blood glucose readings immediately. More than the lab tests these test are preferable when you need to check glucose levels as often as 2 to 3 times a day. You do not need the assistance of a nurse to get the samples. Moreover you can test anytime or anywhere as the meters are simple and portable. These meters store readings, even 500 at a time. You can easily review the collected data or have it transferred to your PC and compare it using different software like MS Excel. You can also take the readings to the doctor who can review it and guide you on further course of treatment or actions that needs to be taken.
Blood glucose tests are important in your diabetes management. Seek advice from your doctor about the appropriate test to be taken to find out the correct levels.
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