blood glucose meter reviews for first hand information about each meter

Diabetes management is highly important and you need to regularly check your blood glucose levels as a part of your treatment plan. There are several meters like Accu-chek, Abbott’s, Meditronics that are available. Each company provides you with meters with high quality, accuracy and ease of use. It is really for you to decide which one would be the best for you depending upon what features you feel would be best suited to satisfy your needs. To know which would be really better, you may find the blood glucose meter reviews and testimonials useful. You can get first hand information about the meter you have in mind and finally decide which is suitable for you.

Blood glucose meter reviews

If you visit websites like,, etc you will be able to find reviews on individual meters and comments about the blood glucose meter available in the market. After browsing for some time I found a comment by a person saying that we rather stick to whole blood meters as plasma meters are off the true readings. Some replies to the comment and review of some products available made the same person accept the fact that they were equally useful and accurate to use. One review gave the information of such meter, the One Touch Ultra which is a plasma monitor. The plasma meters read higher than a whole blood meter but they are considered more accurate. The One Touch Ultra gives you results in 5 seconds and you can test at alternative sites instead of your fingertips. It has high level of accuracy. Another reviewer expressed similar comment with the gentleman preferring it for its speed and small amount of blood required for testing

Another review was regarding a person using an older model Accu-Check that was giving VERY low readings. So the person contacted the manufacturers about the results and they sent a brand new one for free. Others too shared a similar experience with the Accu-chek meters. One more reviewer shared his good experience with Accu-chek support service which can be called round the clock and provides all necessary support to ensure that the user gets the correct results.

One reviewer recommended the Ascensia Contour who loved its no-coding feature, as coding was something that she often used to forget. She also shared the fact that it was much easier to get the required amount of blood while with the earlier one she often wastes strips as she didn’t aim well enough at the drop of blood. Another reviewer liked its compact size as she could easily carry it in her pocket, wherever she went.

Another review recently got the Accu-Chek Aviva meter from her CDE as she was interested in the Multiclix. The Multiclix comes packaged with Aviva. It has 6 lancets and is so painless that she was surprised to look down and see that there was enough blood for a sample. This was just the lancet device and she decided to use Aviva meter. She found it to be the easiest meter she had ever used. The strip sucks up the blood so quickly and effortlessly and no error code with this meter. She simply fell in love with the meter.

If you simply put the name of whichever glucose meter you want to find, you would get reviews of the manufacturer’s site as well as other sites that can be really helpful. Find the blood glucose meter reviews and decide which would be the best one for you.

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