blood glucose level reduction with the right food and exercises for better health

High blood glucose levels and diabetes are health conditions that can have serious ill effects on the human body. High blood glucose levels may be caused due to high intake of carbohydrates, lack of exercise, inability of body to produce insulin, insulin resistance etc. If you are diabetic or suffer from high blood glucose levels or hyperglycemia you should take immediate steps to ensure gradual blood glucose level reduction. The normal range is 80 to 120mg/dL. Anything above this is considered as high blood glucose level.

Eat the right food for blood glucose level reduction

What you eat affects your blood glucose levels. Obviously lesser sugar intake helps lower glucose levels in your blood. But there are some other foods that also need to be eaten while some need to be avoided or eaten in smaller quantity. This is mainly related to lowering carbohydrates which has a dramatic effect on the blood glucose levels. Rice, pastry, bread, pasta and some fruits and vegetables are responsible for a rise in blood sugar. But other foods actually help to lower blood glucose levels. A surprise inclusion in foods that can reduce levels in diabetics is cinnamon. Regular, intake of cinnamon helps improve glucose control as well as cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes. The low glycemic foods like pear, apple, orange, oatmeal, peanuts, peas, beans and granola are useful to lower blood sugar levels. A reduction in fatty food is important. If you have been using butter, cheese, oil or mayonnaise and you love these food just ensure that you take them in smaller quantities. Avoid items that are fried or creamed, rather go for grilled, steamed, and roasted foods.

Get moving for blood glucose level reduction

The right food has to be supported by the right exercise regime. It is not necessary to have a very heavy workout, even the smallest amount of daily exercise can help to lower blood glucose levels. You can easily put in an extra bit of movement into your day without having to adjust your schedule or set aside a specific time to exercise. Little things like taking steps instead of the elevator, finding a parking spot farther than the one close to the front door, taking a small walk during a break time etc can be of huge help. Researchers have found that walking downhill helps reduce blood glucose level better than walking uphill. Brisk walking, aerobic exercises or even taking any sport that you like, can be helpful in blood glucose level reduction.

Drink lots of water

Drinking a lot of water is a great way to reduce blood sugar levels. Drink at least 8 glass of water. It helps flush harmful toxins from the body, helps reduce sugar levels, and also helps in weight loss.

Often an unhealthy, unbalanced diet is what causes high blood glucose level and bringing a change is difficult. However, if you follow an overall healthy lifestyle with sufficient exercises and a balanced diet it would help maintain proper nutrition as well as maintain healthy glucose levels. A reduction in the glucose levels supports prevention of heart and blood vessels diseases which can have serious effects like nerve damage, stroke, heart ailments etc.

Keep in mind that any efforts for blood glucose level reduction should be taken in consultation with the doctors. They would be able to advice you appropriate exercises that would be safer and have long term effects. For diabetics a drastic reduction in the level is equally harmful and thus blood glucose level reduction needs to be gradual.

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