Best blood glucose meter is one that is accurate, easy and convenient and which you are comfortable using.

Glucose meters have improved and become easier to use in the past 45 years. They have become an integral part of the home monitoring kit and diabetes management. You may call the first blood glucose meter as a very “primitive” device as compared with today’s high-tech meters. The technological development has enabled glucose readings to be a less of a hassle and an extremely convenient method to check the levels regularly. With the huge variety of meters on the market, finding the best blood glucose meter for you is important. The three factors to consider in a glucose meter are accuracy, ease of use, and convenience.

Best Blood glucose meter
There are several types of blood glucose meters being manufactured by different companies. Most of these are of good quality and pretty accurate and easy to use. If you ask some one who uses the meter and that have proved better in terms of accuracy are the WaveSense Keynote, the Abbott Freesstyle Flash, and Ascencia by Bayer Contour. In a study undertaken in November 2006, YSI probes were used to find the exact level of glucose in blood samples. This value was considered an exact measurement and these glucose meters were put to test. The results showed WaveSense Keynote with 95.0%, Abbott Freestyle Flash at 95.2%, and Ascencia by Bayer Countour at 84.0% accuracy range. These are the top three meters in the market in terms of accuracy.

Consistency is equally important for all BGMs. In this case of testing consistency, The WaveSense Keynote, Abbott Freestyle Flash, and Ascencia by Bayer Countour once again were the highest scorers in terms of consistency. To measure consistency a high number of samples with the same level of glucose and variation was computed. The lower the variation, the more consistent the meter. One another area for consideration is the ease of use. The WaveSense Keynote, Abbott Freestyle, and the Roche Accu-Check were found to be convenient and user-friendly. These meters are very compact, and can fit in the palm of your hand with large and clear numbers to allow easy reading. The WaveSense Keynote and the Abbott Freestyle have a convenient backlight for reading in dim light. Each has sufficient amount of memory and allows you to check past readings. The WaveSense Keynote has a USB port that allows simple connection to a PC to store information. All have a very small sample size resulting in less pain for the user. Sample time for WaveSense is usually a 1-2 second testing time, although it may go as high as 12 seconds depending on sample size. The Abbott Freestyle needs 7 second average test time while Roche Accu-Check needs longer testing time at 26 seconds.

Accuracy and consistency are very similar with the WaveSense Keynote, Abbott Freestyle, and the Ascencia. However, I have found that the best meters are the ones that cater to the users themselves. The ease of use is what distinguishes excellent meters from average meters.

The best blood glucose meter for you is one that best suits your lifestyle, diabetic needs, budget as well as makes you feel comfortable using it. See what features are the most important to you. Price of meter is not a consideration; many of these companies provide the meter for free with other products like some quantity of test strips. If medical insurance doesn’t cover the cost of test strips the WaveSense is a good buy which usually comes for less than half the price of the other leading brands. Consult your doctor also regarding the ones that are available in the market though not many would prescribe any specific one. You can also find feedbacks or testimonials on different websites about the different meters which are based on first hand experiences.

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