Achieve accurate results with ‘no coding technology’ Ascensia blood glucose test strips use.

The most important part of your home monitoring kit is the test strips. Whichever blood glucose tester you use, you would need to buy new set of test strips after one batch is over. Test strips are the only repetitive expenses. There are several blood glucose meters available from manufacturers like Bayer, Roche, Abbott etc. The Ascensia blood glucose meters are popular for the ease of use that they offer. Moreover they have high quality Ascensia blood glucose test strips that come with the ‘No Coding’ feature, enabling error free testing.

Ascensia Blood glucose test strips

There are several types of Ascensia blood glucose meters. Each one comes with its own features and specialties. Each meter requires blood glucose test strip that matches the meter requirements.

The Ascencia Breeze 2 is a unique test meter. It comes with an easy to load 10 strip disc. The best part is you do not need to handle the strips individually. You do not have to reload every time you test. After 10 tests you can get a new disk. This makes the testing process easy. Whenever you test, just open the meter, insert the 10 test disc and close the meter. To expose the test strip you just need to pull and push the blue end tab. Taking the sample is easy and you can get the results in just about 5 seconds. These strips also have the no coding technology which means there is no chance of error.

The other two meters are the Contour Meter and Contour Link Meter. It is highly easy and simple meter. You just insert the test strip with a tiny blood sample of 0.6 micro liters. The Contour Link Meter which communicates with your Medtronic device to make diabetes control easy. The Contour blood glucose test strips that come with these meters are the same. The custom test strip shape makes it very handy and easy to use. As they come with the Bayer’s ‘No coding’ technology you simply have to open a new box of strips and start using it. No need to enter the code or any extra steps.

The Ascensia Elite Test Strips are best suited for busy people. It is extremely easy to handle as it comes foil wrapped and stays fresh longer and easily touchable. People of all ages can find it easy to use without harming it. Moreover, the “sip-in sampling’ technology that it uses ensures that every time you test only a tiny drop is needed as the test strip draws in the proper amount of blood required. No buttons are required for testing; just insert the strip and the meter turns on and you can do the test. You can use these strips for multiple testing sites like palms and forearm. These test strips are best suited to Ascensia Elite or Ascensia Elite XL Blood glucose Meter.

The no coding technology used for these Ascensia test strips makes the meters the best for accuracy. Every time you load the new batch of strips you do not need to enter the code. Many people are often confused when they have to enter the code for other meters like FreeStyle and OneTouch Ultra. However, with the Ascensia test strips they need not worry as no code is to be entered. The ease of use that these meters and test strips offer makes them a very popular brand with diabetics.

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