About That Connection Between Diabetes and Gum Disease….

Many people have heard that there is a possible connection between gum disease and diabetes. The body’s ability to work with sugar, as one study suggested, improved when periodontal disease was treated.

One theory is that when there is a chronic inflammatory response, such as what exists with gum disease, that the insulin receptors on the cell membranes tend to diminish. This is thought to happen because of the elevated amount of inflammatory chemicals that show up in the blood when there is an infection.

So, is is possible that clearing up any gingivitis may be helpful in your fight to control blood glucose levels? Many dental professionals believe this is true. In fact, there has been speculation that gum disease seems to be linked somehow to many diseases that, on the surface, appear to be unrelated.

When you use common sense, it doesn’t seem so far fetched. Don’t horse buyers check the health of a horse’s mouth before they buy him? The wisdom is there in our culture, but in our modern world, we are so busy that we often forget to put two and two together.

One device that many have found helpful is the HydroFloss oral irrigator.There are many patients and dentists who like this device.Another item of favor is perio mouthwash. 

When you shop for oral care products look for therabreath savings because this product line is infused with oxygen. This oxygen is something that the anaerobic bacteria in the mouth want to avoid.  They can be killed or forced to behave under the presence of oxygen. 

Let us hope that awareness of the devastating effects of periodontal disease can become more common place. It does seem like a shame to think that something could be prevented through more awareness of what dental disease can actually do. The problems it seems to potentially cause or at least seem to be related to are numerous. Take steps to end the problem of gum disease in  your life.