A1C blood glucose meter easy, simple and provides detailed A1C level information

Diabetes is caused due to the high concentration of blood glucose. It can affect your body organs adversely if the blood glucose levels rise too high or go too low. It may cause brain damage, nerve damage etc. To check the blood glucose levels regularly you can undertake the regular blood glucose test. It you are required to check the glucose levels regularly everyday then glucose meters prove to be a better option. A regular blood glucose test gives you the results at the time when the tests were done. There is another test called the Hemoglobin A1C test which gives you the results of the average blood glucose levels for the last three months. There are several manufacturers who offer A1C blood glucose meters for this test, the prominent one being the Bayer A1C Now+. The A1c test can provide vital information on the glucose levels you have maintained over a certain period of time. This is necessary when you are trying to achieve normal glucose levels so as to reduce the probability of complications arising due to it.

A1C blood glucose test

Hemoglobin is a major part of the red blood cells with the important function to carry oxygen to the tissues and organs in the body. When Hemoglobin combines with blood glucose it makes glycosated hemoglobin or hemoglobin A1C. What this means is that the hemoglobin stores the glucose in the blood over the red blood cell’s life span of around 120 days. This reflects high levels of glucose in blood over the last three months on an average. This test can be useful for your doctor to study whether you have been in control of your diabetes for the last 120 days and if you are responding well to the treatment for diabetes mellitus. If you have low test levels you may be at a lowered risk of complication from it.

Patients who may be suffering from diseases affecting hemoglobin, such as anemia, may not get the right results with the test. Similarly high levels of lipids, Vitamins C and E, and diseases of the liver and kidneys may cause the test results to be wrong.

A1C blood glucose Meter

There are several manufacturers of blood glucose meter. Not all have developed reliable A1C blood glucose meters though. One of the best is Bayer’s A1CNow+™ which has been developed to be used by Healthcare Professionals to support on-the-spot treatment. It provides accurate and fast results for A1C Testing at the Point-of-Care in just about 5 minutes. The test can be performed by using a finger stick blood sample.

Another good A1C blood glucose meter is the The OneTouch® UltraSmart® Meter. It provides very easy to use charts and graphs based on the results to make you understand the trends and patterns. Once you take the sample from the side of your finger and apply it to the top edge of the test strip till the strip is full, you can get the results in about 5 seconds. These results get stored automatically to the logbook or memory. You have options like get the details like glucose levels, pre and post meals by date, graph by time of day, graph of all results, average of all results as well as information regarding the glucose range.

The A1C blood glucose meters are also useful and easy to use. They provide you with much detailed information than the regular meters. These meters can be highly useful in your regular monitoring of blood glucose levels.

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