A blood glucose tester is vital for success of diabetes management plan.

Diabetics would usually purchase a blood glucose tester to enable easy monitoring and management of their blood glucose levels. There are several brands and types of testers in the market. They may have varied features and give accurate results in a matter of few minutes. There is so much choice that you would easily be able to choose one that suits your needs perfectly. You can also seek the guidance of your doctor who may be able to give you a few pointers to choose a good blood glucose tester.

Blood glucose tester

A blood glucose tester or glucometer is an extremely simple medical device. They are easy to handle and their functioning is pretty simple. You just need to prick the tip of your finger with the lancet to get a drop of blood sample. A disposable test strip is available onto which you place the tiny drop of blood. The test strip in then inserted in the given slot where the meter reads and calculates the blood glucose levels. The glucose level readings which are either in mg/dL or mmol/L are then displayed on a screen.

These testers also have systems to indicate if levels are very high or low. You can maintain a record of the readings in a log book. It is easier to analyze the trends after regular intervals or take them to the doctor for further analysis. There are some testers that have data handling capability. There is enough memory provided to store about 500 to even 1000 test results. You can transfer the stored data spreadsheet on your PC which can make graph preparation and trend analysis easy. The analysis can provide you the necessary warning signs. You may make changes to the treatment plan accordingly.

Selecting a blood glucose tester

Not all testers are the same. Each one has its set of features. You may want to compare the working of all meters before choosing one. One of the criteria would be the size of the unit. The glucose testers available in the market are extremely handy and portable. You can find out the testing time, result speed and display properties among other factors. You may also be interested in their capacity to store and retrieve your test results. Cost would also be a factor as it is just not the test meter but the test strips that would have to be considered. The test strips are an ongoing cost for your continued health management.

A point to note is to find from your Medicare or insurance administrator if the full or partial cost of a glucose tester is covered by your existing plan. Also ask your care provider about the glucose tester that would be best for your unique situation.  The time taken for results to be given is as important a feature as other features. There are blood glucose testers that provide results in 60 seconds or less while some may even do it in a mere 3 seconds. Moreover, ask your doctor what type of blood tester is required; a whole blood tester or a plasma tester. The readings for the two test types vary slightly. The lab results are plasma results. If you are comparing them with tester readings keep the test type in mind.

Choose the blood glucose tester that suits your needs. Keep monitoring regularly as per schedule and diabetes management plan.

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