2 diabetes treatment type

Many people think that diabetes type 2 treatment is an uphill task. However, it is not so, since with a little back-up and a few guidelines you will be able to progress to a normal healthy life. In almost all parts of the world the type 2 diabetes patients have increased in leaps and bounds year after year. Type 2 diabetes is the most reported case of diabetes. This problem occurs around the middle age and is on the rise.

Some of the symptoms are increased appetite, frequent urination, increased thirst, tingling sensation in the extremities and unexplained loss or gain of weight. The exact causes of this disease are still not known, however, what it apparent that the thickening waists and sedentary lifestyles have contributed significantly to the rise in cases of diabetes type 2. In view of these facts experts and doctors advice strength training exercises and encourage people to lead a more physically active life. It is also noted that people who are constantly battling obesity are more prone to diabetes and fall prey to it easily. If you are obese then the chances of you developing diabetes goes up manifold by the time you hit middle-age.

As there is no known cure for this disease, the best way is to manage it so that life threatening complications do not arise. Management of diabetes includes regular monitoring of blood glucose levels, change in eating habits, daily exercise and medications including insulin and tablets to bring down the blood glucose level.

Blood sugar levels are determined by the food intake. After eating the carbohydrates in our food are converted to sugar and this is used by our cells as energy, as our cells use the sugar present in our blood our blood sugar level drops. After eating it is natural for your sugar level to show a spike. This level however comes down as we use energy for various activities. At times the body is not able to produce insulin or becomes resistant to insulin. Certain conditions like stress also increase the chance of insulin resistance. Hormonal imbalances like menstrual cycle, menopause or pregnancy may also cause insulin resistance. Exercise is known to stimulate insulin production and reduce insulin resistance.

If you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes you can lead a healthy life without many problems. All you need to do is lead a healthy and active life and eat the right kinds of foods. Ignorance to such things will invite serious problems. Weight loss also helps deal with diabetes. In case these two approaches do not help then there are medications available in the market that can help in reducing your blood glucose levels. Some medications slow down the release of sugar by the liver; some medicines increase the production of insulin by the pancreas. There are some medicines that slow down or prevent the breakdown of food into sugar. Insulin therapy is also used when all else fails. However, insulin cannot be taken orally as it gets digested in the stomach before reaching our blood stream and hence it is always taken in injection form. There are several ways that insulin can be delivered like injection, insulin pumps, insulin inhalers and insulin pens. Insulin pens are widely used as they are virtually painless and inject the exact amount of insulin in our body.

The treatments mentioned above are for type 2 diabetes however, it is not the end of the world but instead a beginning of doing things differently to lead a happy and productive life. Exercise, good diet and medical attention will ensure you live a normal and healthy life.

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