2 diabetes meal plan type diets is selection of healthy food and planning of meal timing

2 diabetes meal plan type diets include healthy food choices to improve your diabetes. In general diabetes diet means limiting sweets, eating less fatty foods and being careful about carbohydrate intake. A meal plan is nothing but planning about what kinds of food and how much amount you can choose for your diet.

American diabetes Association suggests some points while planning a diabetic diet, those points are: Select whole grain foods instead of processed grain products. Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your daily meal. Include fish and lentils and dried beans in your diabetic diet. Choose fat-free dairy products (like non-fat yogurt, skim milk and fat-free cheese), lean meats and diet drinks for a diabetic meal plan. Eating too much healthy foods is also harmful, so always eat healthy food in right amounts. Avoid high calorie foods like cookies, cakes, chips and ice-cream. All these points are helpful for a type 2 diabetic diet meal plan.

Our body needs insulin to convert glucose into energy, but in the case of type 2 diabetes insulin does not work properly and blood glucose level goes up. Overweight and inactive people have more risk of type 2 diabetes. Diet and exercise are best solutions for this type of diabetes.

With insulin resistance type 2 diabetic patients have unhealthy levels of blood fats. The increased fat in the blood causes circulation problems and heart diseases. To control this unwanted increase in fats you have to reduce intake of saturated fats and alcohol. Proper diet and regular exercise can help improve your blood lipid levels. In meal plan for a type 2 diabetic patient include low fat and non-salty foods which help to lower blood pressure. In type 2 diabetes controlling blood pressure is an important factor as it increases the risk of kidney and eye damage.

You need to choose different healthy foods for diabetic meal plan. High carbohydrate foods have instant effect on blood glucose levels. So you have to limit intake of carbohydrates. Low glycemic index foods are good for diabetes. Glycemic index is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on the blood glucose level. Foods with low carbohydrates like fish, lean meats, egg, brown rice, pasta, most fruits and vegetables, grainy breads, milk and legumes have 55 or less GI (Glycemic Index) range. Wheat products, sweet potato, table sugar and most white rice have 56-69 GI range. Baked potato, watermelon, white bread, cereals and corn flakes are high in GI range that is above 70. Low carb foods are extremely helpful for type 2 diabetic patients.

Selecting healthy food for your diet is not a meal plan; an ideal meal plan consists of guidelines for scheduled breakfast, lunch and dinner according to calorie requirements of the individual. Along with a balanced meal plan diabetic people should follow regular exercise and monitor blood glucose level at regular intervals. Monitoring sugar level helps to improve your meal plan. As according to your sugar level you can adjust your food choices in your daily meal. So, checking sugar level twice in a week is an essential part of meal planning.

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