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As yet there is no cure to diabetes and it remains an unceasing disease. Both types of diabetes type 1 and 2 are life long companions and at best we can only mange them and improve the quality of life. Diabetes is said to have struck when the pancreas do not produce enough insulin to control the blood sugar level in our body or when the insulin produced is not recognized by our body. Type 1 diabetes is also called as juvenile onset diabetes. In this condition the body produces little or no insulin at all. Insulin, a hormone is produced by the pancreas is responsible to convert the sugar in our blood stream to fuel for use by the cells of our body. In type 1 diabetes due to the lack of insulin sugar in the blood keeps rising and the body is unable to use it as energy. This leads to hunger pangs.

As the level of blood glucose rises in our blood stream our brain sends a signal to our body to dilute the glucose and hence we feel excessive thirst. Some of the diluted glucose is then thrown out of the body by urination and hence we feel a constant urge to urinate. Insulin is produced by the beta cells of the pancreas. These cells are destroyed by the immune system which mistakes them for foreign bodies and hence our pancreas fails to produce insulin. Type 1 diabetes can strike at any age. However, it is generally diagnosed at the age of 20 or thereabouts. Several factors are known to cause this condition however, the exact cause is still not known. Some of the factors that are known to cause diabetes type1 are viruses, genetics and autoimmune disorders. The heartening fact is that there are various treatment options to manage and control this condition.

The most immediate priority is to bring the blood glucose level to normal and prevent diabetic ketoacidosis. Diabetes type 1 can occur suddenly and patients may need to be hospitalized for some weeks. The basic treatment objectives of treatment are prevent diabetes related complications such as heart conditions, blindness, kidney failure, amputation of limbs. The second objective is to reduce the symptoms and prolong life.

These objectives can be achieved by insulin therapy, regular testing of blood glucose levels, exercise, meal planning, weight loss, education and foot care. Insulin is generally injected several times a day under the skin. Those patients who need several injections in a day are advised to use insulin pumps so that prescribed amount of insulin is directly injected in the body at carefully fixed times. Till date insulin is not available in pill form. Patients dependent on insulin need to be aware of the quantity and timings when they should take their injections they should also be able to adjust their insulin dosages depending on the amount and type of food consumed.

In order to control blood glucose levels planning of meals is very important as this goes a long way in controlling blood glucose level. Blood glucose level can go up and down depending on the quantity and type of food you consume. The quantity of sugar in the blood can be managed by regular exercise. To achieve a healthy weight exercises assist by burning the excess fat and calories. By checking blood regularly blood glucose level can be monitored. However, regular testing is to be done so as to know how well exercise, diet and medication are working.

Studies undertaken clearly show that complications of the kidneys, eyes, and nervous system can be delayed or prevented by tight control of blood glucose. Although even in people with good diabetes control the complications can still occur. Type 1 diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves. Your ability to feel injury to or pressure on the foot can be reduced by it.

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